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Fresh Roses in a Vase | 100 Hot Pink Roses

Fresh Roses in a Vase | 100 Hot Pink Roses

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Are you looking to impress? Luxe Rose reserve rose collection is the world's highest quality.
All our roses are freshly grown out of the heartland of Ecuador. Our award-winning rose farms have delivered the best quality and most stunning rose bouquets for years. Luxe Rose has made it our craft to grow and curate the most beautiful roses the world has ever seen. Our florist process is a very delicate one that involves comprehensive care and supervision of every single rose. It’s the one way we have been able to retain our flowers’ most scintillating fragrance, a feature that keeps many of our long-term clients coming back for more. Luxe Rose Reserve rose collection, comes in a variety of sizes and colors, so there's something to fit anyone's desires. Whether you're looking for a dozen long stem red roses or 100 long stem roses for delivery, you can place absolute trust in Luxe Rose to deliver the best rose bouquets for any occasion.

Elegant and luxurious, The Luxe Rose Reserve Collection exemplifies the beauty of simplicity. Hand-selected, and perfectly showcasing a natural, brilliant color of your choice, this Collection lets the exceptional quality of the roses speak for themselves. Cut at the farm in equador 2 weeks later than any of their counterparts, allowing the rose to mature and grower larger and more fragarant. When you buy Roses from Luxe Rose, you can choose your quantity of Roses 12,24,36,48,or 100 and get the best Roses available since we guarantee the freshness! Perfectly Designed with italian ruscus greens in a French Crystal Vase Included. Enjoy your Roses, your way! Our Roses are freshly cut, picked, designed and delivered from our eco-friendly farms and NYC flower Workshop! We take pride in offering the Best freshest Roses cut one week later than everyone else to provide the largest rose head and the most fragrance.

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