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Preserved Roses Large Box | Bright Turquoise

Preserved Roses Large Box | Bright Turquoise

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Our Unique Luxe Rose Preserved Roses are the unique manifestation of the oldest human desire: the preservation of beauty forever. Without fading away these roses will capture the center of any room it occupies. The result of meticulous work brings you a flower so tough it withstands time. With absolutely no maintenance or watering required, our preserved roses will always look luxurious and elegant in your space. Our timeless Large Square arrangements are comprised of 64 exquisite Luxe Preserved Roses set in a elegant glossy box, that will introduce an element of luxury to any space. The iconic arrangements embody everything that Luxe Rose stands for—sophistication, luxury, elegance, and beauty.

**Please note that variations will occur since all of our arrangements are uniquely handmade by our in-house designers.**

• Large Glossy Hat Box
• Box Size: 12" x 12’’ x 12”
• Rose diameter: 3-4cm
• 64 Preserved Roses
• Rose Lifespan: Approx. 3 Years+

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